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Olymp Trade Forex | Full Guide | Is it worth?

 Olymp Trade FOREX

Olymp trade is an international trading platform, with its huge range of assets and stocks. World's Top Leading Broker. Now you can be a Forex trader and implement your investment ideas right on the Olymp Trade Forex platform

Olymp Trade- Products

1.) Options

Olymp trade Options- options platform is the first product launched by olymp trade, with more than 80+ assets to trade, free demo account with $ 10,000 virtual amount, User friendly platform, Deposit bonus, Risk-free Trades, VIP Account, Personal Manager, crypto currencies and lots of features, with its great success, olymp trade has finally launched its new product olymp trade FOREX. 

2.) Forex

Olymp trade Forex- It is newly launched platform with a lots of features which helps trader make easy trades, and get maximum profits. It also includes free demo account with $ 10,000 virtual amount

olymp trade Forex | How Forex is Traded?

On the Forex market, you make the profit through difference between the opening and closing prices of your trade. For example, if you are trading currency pair like EUR/USD based on the economic conditions and trading data. Your underlying logic would be that the value of EUR would be increasing over USD (let's assume), and you decide to buy EUR and sell USD. Now you will have to focus on European Union market's emerging trends and if you predicted the market trend correctly, then the trade is yours, you can now sell your EUR when you get higher profits. Forex trading has an benefit over option market. Forex market is flexible. It means, their is no limits to your transactions; you can hold your trade as long as you want, and can sell it whenever you want.

Forex market has no limits like options market (in options we get profits upto 90%), but their is no such limits in Forex markets. Also risks are manageable in Forex markets. You just have to choose currency pair/asset, and have to predict the price movements of that particular currency. Price movement is just a small fractional unit by which prices fluctuate, but if you multiply it by the volume of your trade and the leverage you get from your broker, the price movement factor might make skyrocketing difference. Olymp Trade Forex platform also have "multiplier" function, with maximum multiplier of 200. Which means you get profits upto 200 times on your trades, and have flexibility to choose the multiplier.

"Take-Profit" Function

We can also set profit at certain price level using system's "Take-Profit" function. You have to specify the amount that suits you, means you have to enter the amount upto which you need profit, when that profit is gained by your trade, then that trade will be closed. For example- I have opened an trade in EUR/USD and the amount is $100, then I just want profit of $50 from this trade, so I will use the system's "Take=Profit" function. So I will enter $50 in it and when my trade will gain $50 profit the trade will be closed.

"Stop-Loss" Function

Their is also risk management function, same as done in above you can here manage the loss. With this kind of automatic risk management, you can even stay away from the monitor if you wish. The Olymp Trade platform also has a preventive mechanism that will stop trading automatically if the users’ margin plunges to a dangerous level. 

Olymp Trade Forex has a very good and reliable platform to trade, they have provided good features to make trading easy.  Olymp Trade company has always been trusted for providing its clients affordable access to financial markets as well as best approach to trading platform design. Olymp Trade has designed a powerful online investment solution, which is perfectly adapted for every Forex trader's needs. With over 16.5 million users currently registered on the platform, the company has the authority and expertise in simplifying trade while ensuring transparency for everyone. Olymp Trade remains true to its principle of affordability, to start trading Forex. Lowest deposit $10 and start your trading, great "multiplier" function aimed to maximize your earning potential. Client education is olymp trade's top priorities. The company offers an extensive knowledge and education on trading. Trade Forex with an award- winning Olymp Trade platform and turn fluctuations of orld curriencies into your personal profit.

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